Talk Amongst Yourselves : 30/6 (Archived)


Chris Plante suggested due to the length of the previous TAY thread that we should create another post. Therefore I suggest we talk about how in theory we would change a popular franchise to keep it fresh, relevant and most of all - fun.

Todays genre is FPS and the series is Call of Duty. I'm know it's a polarising franchise with some loving it for the multiplayer and some hating it for the very same reasons. I'm not referring in any way to Activision when I say things you would change; purely the aspects of the series such as themes, gameplay, multiplayer, physics and so on. What new direction could YOU give to the Call of Duty franchise?

Personally I would love to see a focus on more historical battles with a focus on accurate representation combined with creative storytelling. You know, something like Saving Private Ryan with relationships and such. I found that the series has become somewhat too fantastical lately with zombies (non-canon I know) and well, basically the whole plot of Black Ops in my eyes was a little OTT for my tastes. A great example of a CoD game would be the second instalment, Big Red One and of course, the first Modern Warfare due to the solid campaign and enjoyable multiplayer.

So lets hear your thoughts folks amongst your regular talk of course. If this goes off well with minimal fuss then I might do this every weekend changing the genre and the game in order to keep it different but we can just see how this week goes to start things off.


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