Polyganomalous Multiplayer Time! (July 1 - July 7)

Hi, guys!

I thought it might be fun if we got together and did some multiplayer action together! Over on the IRC I set up (#TAY on IRCHighway, if you're interested), a bunch of us decided we'd like to play some Unreal Tournament 2004 together, if we could find a server. No idea if it's gonna work, but it's 6:33 CST right now, and I was planning to start playing in about two and a half hours. Anyone up for this?

Also, think of this as a thread where you can share your contact info, post games you'd like to play with other people--whatever. I figure this thread will last us a week, but I could be wrong. Feel free to start a new thread if this one gets too full; otherwise, I'll start them every Saturday I'm in town, assuming you guys like the idea of this thread.

By the way, I'm DocSeuss on Steam (insane, laughing Batman avatar), Doc2986 on XBL, and Squiddity on PSN. I mostly play multiplayer on the PC, but I can be convinced to play XBL (I'm actually wanting to play Trenched/Iron Brigade cooperatively with someone soon!). I don't presently own any multiplayer games for PSN that I can think of.

If, for some reason, you hate the name Polyganomalous, I suppose we can change it, but I'm fond of it. Future threads will just be called Polyganomalous Time! (Date-Date) unless people want new names.

I'm thinking, so the thread doesn't get too confusing, that if you want to play the UT2K4 match, you should reply to the first person who says they want to do it. If you want to play something else, then start a relevant thread. Make sure to include your contact info!