The Thermaltake Level 10 M mouse is the second collaboration between BMW Designworks USA and Thermaltake, and it's a conversation starter, if anything. Call it streamlined: the body is made of aluminum, but its sparse innards are exposed revealing quite a bit of empty space. It's surprisingly light, and fit snugly in our palm. We couldn't actually strap the mouse to a PC and give a few games a go, but our limited hands-on time didn't disappoint. A honeycomb pattern on below the left button serves as ventilation, improving airflow and (ideally) keeping your palm dry. The mouse is height adjustable by way of a socket set into the spine, and the palmrest can be tilted to either side by five degrees, increasing your chances of getting a decent grip.

The design is rather neat, actually: a mouse needs to work a bit harder than your average peripheral if it hopes to stand out, but gaming mice are often chocked full of errant lights and decals, aesthetics be damned. Straddling that fine line between aesthetics and ergonomics isn't easy, but the Level 10M makes a solid effort. There's still no word on a release date or price, but we're definitely looking forward to putting this mouse through its paces.