HTC EVO 4G LTE vs Samsung Galaxy S III (UPDATED)

So Sprint just announced today that the Galaxy S3 will be on their network starting in late June. I ordered my HTC EVO 4G LTE on Saturday and I'm scheduled to receive it on Tuesday. Sprint does have a 14 day return policy, and if you return it within 3 days of activation, they'll even refund the activation fee which is $36. So basically I'm having buyer's remorse at the moment. My question is, should I return the Evo and preorder the Galaxy S III? I do realize that the only, major, benefit of the international Galaxy S III had on the Evo was its quad core processor. But that's been nixed in order for it to be LTE compatible. The Galaxy S III does have a better camera and 2GB RAM (vs the Evo's 1GB). I do think the Galaxy S III looks better then the Evo. The Evo's display is definitely better. I've heard that the Evo experiences the occasional lag for some odd reason. But all in all, is it worth it to return the Evo?

I don't even have the Evo in my hands and I'm already agonizing over it. Oh joy.


So I've rounded up all of the pros and cons of returning my Evo for a GSIII. I'm still not all the way determined yet though. But I'm pretty sure I'll move to the GSIII. I'll have decided by Thursday since my 14 day return period ends on Saturday. (I'm not actually sure about this, on the Sprint forums some people say the return period starts on the day you buy your phone. But on Sprint's official webpage about this, it says the period starts when the phone is activated. But it's better to be safe.)

  • The Evo's multitasking ability, or rather lack of, is absolutely horrible. Switch between any apps, and you'll have to wait for the app to reload. I would assume that the extra GB of RAM in the GSIII would fix this problem.
  • Battery life is lackluster at best. It can go for about 3 hours in straight 3G usage. Then 7 hours with heavy usage. This is a extremely large improvement over the stock ROM because I recently put viperROM on the Evo, it helped out a lot with battery life. The Verge's review stated that the battery life was absolutely phenomenal on the GSIII. Every other tech website also agrees with this. Add in a custom ROM and it'll be perfect. The non-removable battery is a non-issue though.
  • The camera is better by a noticeable degree, but the stock Camera app supposedly sucks.
  • The AMOLED display, that's the one wild card in this. I'm not really sure if the Pentile screen will bother me or not. I'll find out in a couple weeks.
  • The materials on the Evo kinda suck. Or rather, the way HTC blended the materials suck. I mean a metal back with a plastic top? Seriously? If it were all plastic or all metal it would've been fine. The camera on this phone also sticks out. The lens is protected, by I hesitate to just set my phone on a table in fear of scratching the camera lens.
  • The Evo just lags. There's no denying that. It just flat out lags. Most likely due to the low amount of RAM.
  • The GSIII has a hardware menu button. Sound unimportant to you? It did to me too. But the blank space taken up by three dots on the button of every app that's not optimized (which is basically every app except for the ones made by HTC and Google).
  • Flame me if you want to, but I personally think the GSIII looks better then the Evo.
  • Cell reception on the Evo is absolutely horrible. Or rather, data reception is absolutely horrible. My old Blackberry had better reception! The Evo constantly drops the data signal. The infuriating part is that the Evo shows that 3G service is available, but when I try to use it, it drops the data signal!

The main question is whether or not I should return the Evo. My main issue (battery life) was, for the most part, resolved, once I installed viperROM. I expect to be better once I get a AOSP-based ROM on it.