Has Paul Miller been texting?

I'm interested to hear from Verge staff or friends if Paul has been texting.

It sounded like Paul was going to try to stop using SMS but this didn't sound like he intended on going 100% SMS free.

So my question is.. that if Paul has been texting, what would be the difference between that action and one of a tweet? Technically if he performed the action of composing and sending a text to the number 40404 it would post to Twitter (assuming his account was linked to his new dumbphone, which it probably isn't). But this is hypothetical.

If this is the case and Paul has been texting- then he might as well have been texting 40404 all along and tweeting.

I think SMS should be considered cheating, because if its not then he should be free to "text" twitter and use it to correspond with people.