This software exists; I can't find it.

2 years ago I needed to allot more space to my Boot Camp partition (I originally gave it 30 GB but needed 60 GB once I started installing games on it). So I searched the Internet and found a freeware disk image that could repartition your Boot Camp drive. It was a boot disk, and you did not have to do anything like "back up your entire Windows partition first, then make a new one" etc. etc. It was a complete, no-hassle job. Put in the boot disc, boot into it, pick how much you want to allot to each partition, and go.

Well, I have a bad habit of throwing out old CD-Rs of mine, so now the disc is lost to oblivion. And I have spent hours upon hours trying to find this disk image again to no avail. It was:

  • Freeware
  • Bootable
  • Required no backups
  • All-text UI (much like classic WinXP boot disk installation, if you ever suffered that)
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Only took a few minutes

If you happen to know the name of this software, where I can get it, or, if it's no longer available, what happened to it, please let me know. I've all but accepted at this point that I'm not going to find it with a Google search any more. Thanks!