Even though today's big Instapaper news is the launch of the official Android app, iPad and iPhone owners can get a new update that adds a clever new feature: automatic background updates. Because iOS does not allow Instapaper to schedule background downloads, the update takes advantage of "geofencing" to provide background updates. You can add up to 10 frequently visited locations and Instapaper will automatically update when you enter or leave each zone. On the Instapaper blog, Marco Arment credits the idea behind the workaround to News.me, assures that the location information will only be stored within the app, and mentions that geofencing did not have a significant impact on his iPhone or iPad's battery life. The update is free in the App Store for those who already own the app – if you don't, you can grab a promotional card this week at Starbucks, enter the code into iTunes, and get the app for free.