XBox SmartGlass, IE, Music VS. Apple's Airplay

Now I know the XBox's services are different from Airplay -- esp. for games. But from the perspective of pushing content around, there is no doubt the services announced today do take on Airplay to some extent.

When I think about the content I've always wished to easily push to my TV, I've always wanted the following:

1. Any video on my laptop (not just something purchased from Microsoft).

2. A webpage with videos and audio (such as Hulu, Pandora -- never really felt like paying for Hulu+ just to get Hulu on the XBox) -- currently use an HDMI cord for this.

3. Music on my computer library.

4. Photos on my computer.

Apple's Airplay solves this problem elegantly: it pretty much allows you to mirror your entire laptop on your computer, easily allowing you to show any video, any webpage, and any music.

I was hoping that the XBox would allow the same. Does anyone know IF:

a. SmartGlass will allow you to play any video file on your PC (not just ones bought from the XBox service) on your TV?

b. SmartGlass will allow arbitrary mirroring of anything on your Win8 device? Useful for webpages you happen to be on and want to show someone, music, photos, videos, etc.

c. Any limitations to the XBox IE. For example, will it play flash videos on Hulu? Will you be able to go to and play music from there?

d. Finally, about XBox Music: I currently have a TON of music on iTunes (none with DRM though). Do folks know if there will be a way to get this music in to XBox Music either by copying the files over or by some match service (ala iTunes match)? This may be a dealbreaker for me if I can't get my existing library over...

e. Yes, I know the XBox apps announced today does more than Airplay in terms of games (it sort of takes on WiiU). However, how do you think it compares to Airplay for people who don't play games (my parents for example play very few Kinect games, and would probably benefit from the Airplay-ish stuff more).

Thanks for your opinions guys!