Physical Charm Bar

Now I understand that this is probably not the greatest idea, nor it is one that no one else has had before, but I thought, with the news of a bunch of new Windows 8 hardware breaking today, I'd throw this up for discussion.

Some people have shown some concern as to how regular, everyday people would adapt/ figure out how to use Windows 8 with keyboard/mouse, especially things like the edge gestures used to access recent applications and the charms bar.


How about a physical charm bar on laptops/desktop keyboards? (see image below)


(Obviously a rough mock up, and maybe not even the best placement, just a thought.)

Another issue that was brought up in a recent video was the fact that the lock screen doesn't explain how to unlock itself. (see image below)


In the final build should Microsoft compromise the attractiveness of this screen with a iOS "slide to unlock" type prompt explaining that a click and drag or pressing a key will unlock the device? (see image below)


Now these are just a few quick mock ups that I threw together in MS Paint to get the ball rolling. I'd love to hear/see your thoughts and solutions on how to improve the usability of Windows 8, or whether you think people should just suck it up and learn how to use this new, revamped Windows as it is.