The long and contentious battle for the exact shape of the nano-SIM / Fourth Form Factor (4FF) technically came to a close on June 1st. However, the standards body behind the decision, the ETSI, didn't actually announce which of the competing designs had actually won out, preferring to put forth a message of unity after a process that was anything but unified. Whatever the ETSI's intentions, the design firm Giesecke & Devrient came out and told MacWorld that Apple's design is the one that was chosen by the ETSI. Giesecke & Devrient actually gave us a firsthand look at Apple's design at CTIA last month, and as you can see above the tiny SIM card lacks the notch that Nokia, Motorola, and RIM were all pushing for. Nokia, at least, has capitulated and said it would license its essential patents to companies that use the nano-SIM. We're sure that the rest of the companies involved will fall in line — but somehow we doubt they're happy about it.