App privileges... WP7 devs going beyond the pale?

I've been using WP7 for a while, in fact pretty much since release. And one thing has stuck me more than other platforms. Loads of apps - especially ones which are free and have relatively frivolous uses (e.g. flashlights) - seem to request access to owner identity, library and camera when they have no need to do so. Even beyond, in my experience, what you might consider the free-er-for-all Android.

I wish I could give examples but I forget, since I make a beeline for app privileges when I download an app and don't bother downloading any which ask for more than which I deem appropriate for the app, but there are a lot of them that I've come across. When I do the same peeking in Android, the percentage I reject due to suspect privileges is way lower (of course whether the app sucks or whether they might have some sort of backdoor is something else altogether).

I'm trying to get a handle on why this might be the case, and whether I'm donning a tinfoil hat for no reason. Does anyone have an innocuous answer?