I want PC emulators for next gen consoles

I don't know how possible or realistic this is. (Actually, I'm pretty sure it's a pipe-dream) But one thing I would love for Sony or Microsoft to do is that in addition to the next PS4/Xbox3 console, they also release emulators for PC's.

They would probably have certain GPU and chipset requirements. The emulator would probably play those games at a lower quality that the consoles (or higher in some cases), but the general idea is that it would also consumers to not be tied down to a console to play those games. After all, the console hardware is a loss leader, so it would make sense for both companies to try and give as many avenues to distribute those games as possible.

This would make game development much easier as studios only need to concentrate on one type of hardware, while Sony or MSFT figure out the backend to make it work on other machines.

For Microsoft, it would be a KILLER reason to buy Windows 8 machines and get back to 1990's level domination instead of the quasi domination they have now.

For Sony, it would make their Vaio's the most desired laptops.