On a busy day at Computex 2012, Toshiba is adding a new all-in-one PC to its home entertainment range with the LX830. Equipped with a wireless keyboard and mouse and a 23-inch HD display (1920 x 1080), the LX830 will be powered by the latest Intel Ivy Bridge processors, will support up to 16GB of DDR3 RAM, up to 2TB of HDD storage, and — for the Windows 8 enthusiasts out there — optional 10-point touch input.

In the United Kingdom, the LX830 will come with an integrated Freeview TV tuner, which Toshiba envisions would go nicely with the optional Blu-ray player for anyone looking to create a mobile home entertainment station. Connectivity on this new PC is provided by 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 (useful for the bundled wireless keyboard and mouse), and up to Gigabit Ethernet on board. You can opt for up to six USB ports, two of them of the faster 3.0 variety, and there's an HDMI input for turning the LX830 into an external display for another computer. Availability of this machine in the UK will start from Q3 of this year, at prices of £599 (roughly $920) and up, depending on spec.

Toshiba is today also refreshing its business laptop range with Ivy Bridge processors, offering newly updated Portege R930 (13.3-inch), Tecra R940 (14-inch) and Tecra R960 (15.6-inch) models. All three members of the new R9 series come with an optical drive, up to four USB ports (two of them being USB 3.0), a SmartCard reader, VGA and HDMi outputs, and "all-day battery life." Toshiba identifies that as up to nine hours on the smaller Portege R930 and Tecra R940 and up to seven on the Tecra R950. Intel WiDi is supported across the board and storage options max out at 500GB of magnetic storage or 256GB if you opt for an SSD. Windows 7 Professional is the shipping OS.

Like the rest of Toshiba's announcements today, these new laptops will all be launched at some point in Q3 2012, with prices starting out at £899 (about $1,380) in the UK.