In what's becoming a trend among grassroots software developers with cool-sounding nicknames — just consider the fates of Steve Kondik, aka Cyanogen, and Nicholas Allegra, better known as Comex — famed iOS hacker chpwn (real name Grant Paul) is going to work in the corporate sphere. He's following in the footsteps of George Hotz in accepting an intern position with Facebook, where he has just completed his first day.

Paul won't be the only person intimately familiar with iOS to have recently joined Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg's company has been actively hiring former Apple engineers in what the New York Times suggests is an effort toward designing and releasing a Facebook phone. Considering chpwn's history of creating apps and hacks for jailbroken devices — including some UI enhancements — it'd be reasonable to surmise that he's doing similar work now that he's under the Facebook umbrella. Not necessarily leading the UX design team, but still interesting enough to make him "very excited" after day one.