Is the new iPad the "perfect" computer for the masses?

A friend of mine (long time Windows User) recently got a new iPad and having guided him through 15 years of trying to cope with the series of computers he has owned, he now thinks he has found the "perfect" computer. Like most people all he needs to do is Web Browsing, IM, eMail, iTunes and some Word Processing (He is delighted with Pages).

What do you think? Do most people need or want "trucks" as Steve Jobs called them.

I've been using an iPod Touch (2G and 4G) since 2008, but I'm about to order a new White 64GB iPad tomorrow and I think he may be on to something. The iPad is perhaps the biggest game changer we have seen in years.

Is the iPad the "perfect" computer for the masses? The-new-ipad_medium