What we know about Xbox Music and Video so far.

30 Million Tracks

As Zune currently has 18-20 million tracks, a 10 million jump is quite significant; as a rough idea how much support XBM will enjoy, it's best to compare against the competition.

Amazon - 20 million tracks

Apple (iTunes) - 20 Million +

7digital - 19 Million +


Social integration

Zune has always enjoyed some form of social stuff since it's inception but the real potential was never fully realized e.g no Facebook, Twitter etc and was afflicted by the same apathy Apple's Ping encountered, will Social be done right this time?

Xbox 360, Windows 8 PCs and devices, and Windows Phone 8 only

Personally, I think that's it a huge mistake limiting it to the aforementioned devices as MS needs the ubiquitous saturation that Windows has in order to foster more support from the content industry but as rumoured I think we'll see clients for other platforms eventually

Changes to Windows Phone 7/8

  • Music and Video will be split and re-branded into two separate apps named Xbox Music and Xbox Video
  • Xbox Video (formerly Video) will gain the ability access to the video marketplace, making it easy to browse and search for TV episodes and movies on Windows Phone for the first time. You'll also be able to cue up TV shows or movies so it'll download on the 360
  • Xbox Music will get a new Now Playing screen (Yay?)

Changes to Music on Windows 8

(some Information sourced from Paul Thurrott)

  • "The current panoramic app includes the groups My Music, Now Playing/Spotlight, New Releases, and Popular, from left to right. But in the video, we can see that Xbox Music also includes additional groups, including a Friends group that shows a list of contacts, or friends. This can be found to the left of the current leftmost group, My Music. (There are also other new groups, like Most Played and Related To; it looks like New Releases is changing to Featured & New.)"
  • The new Now Playing screen
  • Smart DJ (fucking yeah, boy!)
  • Smarter data collection. "Zune Music will be smarter about the music you play most often so that the music that’s propagated to the app’s home page will that you play the most frequently. (Currently, you can dive into My Music and then sort by various criteria, but not by "most played.")"
  • Related music. "In the concept of finding new music you’ll like, the Xbox Music app will surface music that’s related to music you like."
  • DLNA compatibility. (This is a biggie) "In Windows 8 today, you have two options for pushing content from a PC or device to an Xbox 360 or set-top box device: You can use Play On Xbox, which only works with Marketplace-based content (and of course only works with the Xbox 360) or you can use DLNA Play To, which is streaming only (so the PC must be left on) and only works with some devices. New to 2012 and coming in a future Dashboard update, Xbox 360 will get true, seamless DLNA compatibility so you can use it more simply, and outside of the limited Media Center Extender environment. This feature will of course work with both Xbox Music and Xbox Video, providing a way for Windows 8 (and Windows Phone 8) users to stream non-Marketplace content to their Xbox 360 and HDTV with no configuration. (The Xbox will show up in the Devices pane like any other compatible device.)"
  • Skydrive Integration (rumoured). In a leaked video documented by Pocketnow, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore revealed (still unconfirmed) that SkyDrive, which supports documents and photos, will be opened up to music as well. "When I browse into the Music experience, my songs are automatically there, I can just click play without ever having to sync,"

Changes to Xbox 360

  • The new Now Playing screen
  • Unfortunately, there's not much else known about the 360 stuff yet.

Sources: Paul Thurrott (nice images here ), Zune (Xbox Music FAQ), Major Nelson (Marc Whitten Press Release)

Thanks for reading, please tell me if you spot any errors or you want me to add anything more you've discovered.

What would you like Microsoft to include as future features for XBM and XBV?