WWDC - iOS 6, Mountain Lion, macs...keep expectations LOW

I always get excited for any Apple event. I literally put it in my calander a month before and countdown, but for some reason I feel this years WWDC may be disappointing. I hope I'm wrong, but I would rather temper my expectations now with hopes that I am blown away. Here is why:

1) iOS 6: This is what I would be most excited about, but I'm afraid all of the features I would want the most probably are not coming. Apple's new maps is cool, but does not excite me. Siri on the iPad is much appreciated, but I kind of expected this would come eventually. Mail VIP, yawn. Safari tab syncing, again nice but not exciting. Unless there is something else beside app tweaks, it'll be the least exciting iOS update to date.

Where is the redesigned springboard? Widgets or dynamic icons? Exposé-style multitasking? Split screen view (like Metro.) Better communication between apps? Something else I'm missing? I'm hoping we see at least one of these dramatic new features, but I'm loosing hope. Rumors suggest that iOS6 will bring little more than much appreciated tweaks and changes when IOS6 needs a fresh coat of paint.

2) OS X Mountai Lion: Yawn. I've been running this for months. It is Lion with notification center, todos, and notes apps tacked on. Somewhat better iCloud support and twitter integration. Really not that exciting. Certainly nothing dramatically different like Windows 8 Metro (love it or hate it, it's dramatically different).

3) Mac upgrades: With the talks of retina displays, this has the potential to be exciting, however the latest rumors suggest that the new MacBook Pro has a standard "non-retina" display. Does this mean that some of the other macs released may have retina displays? Possibly, but all in all I don't get that excited by new macs in general, let alone iterative upgrades.

4) iPhone 5 (aka New iPhone): Not going to happen...period!

5) iTV developer preview: This has the potential to be mind blowing! I may be wrong, but I feel that it is highly unlikely we will see a sneak preview of Apple's new iTV OS. However, if Apple does decide to release a TV, I'm sure they would allow developers early acess to the SDK, and show it off at WWDC in advance as they know the SDK would leak out. So this could happen this year, but I just think it is too soon. I see this happening next year, or in the fall.

Anyway, I'm definitely not trying to put a damper on things, only temper expectations. I hope I am wrong on all counts and that this is an awesome, exciting WWDC.

-Dr. Brad