Western Digital's line of set-top boxes isn't a household name like Roku or Apple TV, but the company is steadily trying to increase the WD TV's appeal. A new update adds several new "channels" to the WD TV Live and the WD TV Live Hub, although there's nothing quite as big as last year's Vudu addition. In the US, you'll get AOL On, which includes video from Engadget, The Huffington Post, and other sites. In Germany, BILD TV, video on demand app Maxdome, and movie app Acetrax are all being added; Acetrax will also be available in several other European countries. Australia gets ABC Iview, and everyone worldwide will see Red Bull TV, which appears to showcase extreme sports. Besides the content apps, everyone will also be getting access to SlingPlayer, so if you have Slingbox hardware you'll be able to stream live or recorded TV through the set-top box.