How to be a Micro-Fanboy

Years have gone past since I tinkered with computer cases and huge coolers in an effort to create my perfect system. When I say perfect I mean the best I could manage with whatever budget I had to play with at the time.

This resulted in a bunch of processors cooled by fans that could wake up an army (even when set at the lowest speed possible) and my favourite was the Intel Celeron 566 clockt @850 by setting the bus speed to 100, Aaaahh the days...

Anyway, there was Windows 95 and it worked (well, you know my point). Windows 98 was not what I expected and only got acceptable after the "Second Edition" and now I'm bit hesitant to go further because this is the point the downfall of my love for Microsoft started. By this time I was a Windows user that really had no choice but to use this OS that didn't work well for anyone other then the technically inclined.

(this meant turning my phone off in an effort not to be bothered by endless questions about mail settings and internet problems)

The Millennium Edition I can only describe as... well, lets not even go there.

Then there came the best Operating System I have ever used (in my opinion)... Windows 2000 Professional,



it was slick, fast, sexy and all the things I wanted. (even tough sharing an internet connection on LAN was a nightmare to set up) I'm still baffled how they were able to go from Windows 2000 Pro to the hopeless mess they called Vista.

By this time I was upset, I felt abandoned by this entity that no longer cared for my wishes and wants, I started noticing this other system that started looking more slick every time I laid eyes on it... OSX

I will not go into me becoming an Apple fanboy but I was done with Microsoft at this point.

When Vista was shoved down our throats I declared it to be deceased before it was shipped, this was more luck than knowledge but hey I was right. I was convinced Microsoft had lost the need to be wonderfull and to amaze. The Zune was just another example of this and by this time I was enjoying the decline of this beast.

When Windows 7 came around I was still angry but I had to admit, it was nice. It wasn't buggy or slow, it even wasn't a minger to look at.

I felt a bit like an ignored girlfriend, only getting the attention she wants AFTER the game has ended. Too little, to late.

However something Magical had happened, Microsoft created the Xbox and boy did they had a winner there. A glimmer of hope in dismal days of gray and depressing desktops in even greyer boxes. It was very un-Microsoft,



Nothing cool from the glorious Xbox we ever saw reflect in Windows, they were worlds apart. Almost like an adopted orphan that never really felt at home in the midst of older people having things they called suits.

To win me back there needed to be a real miracle! And they might have delivered just that. They went after ARM and this is a mistake in my opinion but at least they are trying. Metro looks amazing and even the obvious issues with returning to the desktop are nothing compared to their decision to cut the Start button. FINALLY!



They have woken up! It's all those cool and hip Xbox people slowly taking over the company. They are saying things like:

That's not fresh dude!


gimme a grandé laté-double-mocha-coolness

this is very scary you know, Microsoft becoming all cool and smart and stuff! They seem to have turned a page, or better yet, they threw out some books...

Xbox is the future of Microsoft! All these brilliant people with imagining minds and crazy ideas, the rebellious misfits, the trouble makers................

I am a Micro-Fanboy.