Good chromeless browser for WP7? AMOLED burn-in

Six months ago, I bought a Samsung Focus and immediately fell in love with WP7. Its mainly used as a pocketable web browser over wifi. The Focus was significantly cheaper than an iPod Touch, and I've heard horror stories about cheap Android phones.

So, onto the problem. I took a picture of a white wall today. To my horror, there was a noticeable bar at the bottom! Although many WP7 apps have a similar bar, I spend the most time in IE. Now I'm looking for a good chromeless browser. Does anyone use a browser that is not IE or SurfCube?

Things I am considering:

  1. Use SurfCube (and deal with the occasional crashes)
  2. Try some other browser
  3. Stick to IE, I'm making a mountain out of a molehill
  4. Get an older but still decent Android device (for $200 or less - recommendations? unlimited tabs, the find function, quick scrolling of long pages and browser variety are tempting)
  5. Get an iPod Touch