As we noted in our review, the Samsung Galaxy S III has an impressive camera — and now modder hyperX's latest tweak takes it even further, boosting 1080p video recording from 19Mbps to 24Mbps in fine mode and 30Mbps in superfine mode. For 720p video ordinarily recorded at 10Mbps, fine mode brings it up to 15Mbps and superfine mode takes it to 19Mbps. All resolutions and modes record audio at 192Kbps, and hyperX is still working on adding a 60fps option. The mod also resolves some common camera gripes, allowing you to override the Samsung default and use the camera when the battery is below 15 percent, and you can also use the volume buttons to operate the camera while on the phone. The mod is only usable on rooted devices, and is available for download on hyperX's site.