One of the biggest selling points for the Apple TV is Airplay technology which easily lets owners broadcast content from their iOS devices (and soon from their Macs, as well). A similar feature will soon be coming to Google TV, thanks to set-top box maker Honeywld. The company is showing off a new Google TV box at Computex that will allow Android tablets and phones to push video to the set-top box, providing a simple way for users to get content onto their TVs. Users will need to install a special app, which is currently under development, and the box will also be able to synchronise other content including photos (it wouldn't surprise us to see some music support included as well).

The box will be based on Android 4.0 with a Marvell dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor; other specs include 4GB of flash memory, 1GB of RAM, and ports for microSD, ethernet, and HDMI video. Honeywld is hoping to start shipping the boxes around Taiwan in July, and estimates pricing to land between $95 and $120 (US). There's no word on when it might make its way stateside, but it wouldn't surprise us to see more manufacturers start to build this technology into Google TV products. We'll be going to check this new implementation out for ourselves at Computex tomorrow.