With only a few days until WWDC '12 kicks off, the rumors of a gigantic Mac refresh are running rampant, and now there's more fuel to be added to the fire. AppleInsider has received what looks to be a list of new part numbers destined for Australia, and it looks like there are a whopping 14 new Mac SKUs on the list. Given that there's a total of 20 standard Mac models is Apple's online store (not counting the myriad of customization options), this would indeed represent a turnover of significant proportions. 9to5Mac also appears to have received the same list, though they have included the prices and guesses on what each product is — if these guesses are correct, it looks like the Mac Pro will indeed receive its long-awaited update, which means the Mac Mini might be left out in the cold. We'll know for sure exactly what Apple has in store in just a few more days.