Ford believes that the CD player is on its way out of cars — instead, the company is using its Ford Sync system as the in-car entertainment hub. Now, Sync's getting a nice new content boost through a partnership with streaming audio service MOG. The MOG iPhone app is now compatible with Ford Sync, and will let users control MOG through both in-dash controls and Sync voice commands, making for a safer experience than trying to use your phone while driving. Unfortunately, the phone needs to be plugged in to a 2012 Ford's USB port; the service won't work over Bluetooth. But once hooked up, there's some nice navigation features on board, including the option to assign specific artist-seeded MOG stations to the standard radio preset buttons.

Users can also easily shuffle tracks that they've downloaded via MOG and songs marked as "favorites" with simple voice commands, and also add new songs to the favorites list by saying "add to favorites." Of course, you'll need a $9.99 per month subscription to MOG to take advantage of these features, and only the iPhone app is currently supported. MOG's made vehicle integration a pretty major part of its strategy, though, so it wouldn't surprise us to learn about more supported platforms soon.