Do people have an irrational hatred of Apple?

Earlier today my girlfriend was telling me that one of her friends hates Apple, when i asked why she said "I don't know he just does." It reminded me of the many times friends and classmates have told me that apple is "stupid" or "gay" and even sometimes "Apples only for hipsters." A few times with friends i confronted them, asking what do you have against Apple, they can never think of a real answer and just end up thinking up some irrelevant insult like i mentioned before. Even though i am a huge Apple fan i understand why some choose Android phones, for a more tweak-able and open platform, or a windows desktop for PC gaming, but the some people who do neither of these things just hate Apple and refused to buy Apple products. Sure I have met people that prefer Android and Windows for ligament reasons, like i mentioned before, but not nearly as many as irrational haters. Is this anyone else has experienced?