Spectator tools have been used in video games for years, but with the power of its cloud platform, OnLive is adding unprecedented performance and utility to the concept with Multiview, a new feature that allows users to seamlessly view up to three live player video streams without disrupting their own. Demoed for the first time this week at E3, Multiview can be seamlessly accessed from within any game on any OnLive device, including PCs, tablets, smartphones, and HDTVs. When a friend's OnLive gameplay feed is added, your current window shrinks and a sidebar on the right side of the screen appears and two additional feeds can be added below.

With all of the processing taking place in the cloud, Multiview can be opened and minimized without any buffering or consuming any additional bandwidth. While Multiview is being positioned as a social tool, it has a much greater potential for competitive multiplayer scenarios, providing quick visual reference of a player's teammate's positions. What's more, OnLive is exploring the possibility of adding multimonitor support to its PC client, which could enable users to have a dedicated display for teammate gameplay feeds. Currently, OnLive Multiview is available in closed beta, but is scheduled for a wide release later this year.