HTC, WinRT and Some Short Memories

Sudden onset amnesia seems abundant today. The WOA (as it was known then) hardware partner selection process and HTCs exclusion is something that we've been aware of for some 6 months now. Given the speculative reporting today by Bloomberg, then repeated by the Verge, I thought it entirely relevant that we revisit the original selection process as outlined in several articles last year.

5 Dec, 2011:

Tom's Hardware: Toshiba, Samsung and Lenovo Leading Windows on ARM

Digitimes: Taiwan vendors to play minor role in Windows On Arm development

To summarise: MS asked Nvidia, Qualcomm, and TI to each select 2 hardware partners to work with. HTC were not selected by the silicon manufacturers. HTCs exclusion has nothing to do with MS, any speak of reasons regarding skinning is pure fantasy. Talk about MS being disrespectful to HTC despite their long partnership with Windows Mobile/Phone is equally false.

So it turns out, the full story is not nearly as sensational as some would like to believe and I hope this clears things up a bit.