Hardware OEMs and WinRT tablets

Manufacturers of Windows laptops and tablets have a very hard time, what should they do to create competitive advantage? Here is the story… A company like Apple makes a single tablet named iPad and sells this product in a huge volume. Every component supplier offers them the lowest price because they buy component in huge quantities. Even if people like Windows 8 tablets none of Windows tablet makers has such an advantage, so their overall cost for building a tablet is going to be higher than iPad… What should they do in this situation? I list some of the possible options below, I like to know what is your opinion: 1. OEMs can focus on unique and exclusive software to differentiate themselves from iPad and other tablets and convince consumers to pay more for their products, so they can cover their costs. Nokia is trying to use this strategy in smartphone market. 2. OEMs can focus on unique and high end hardware. For example, I see a lot of demand for stylus and Wacom digitizer. In the other hand Windows has a very nice hand writing recognition software. Personally, I’m willing to pay a premium to get a tablet with digitizer and take my tablet to meetings to take notes. This is going to be a huge differentiator. 3. OEMs can offer low prices to huge corporations at beginning in order to penetrate into business market, then they can take advantage of volume and lower their costs Let me know what are your thoughts….I really want Windows tablets to be successful….