Being frugal or just a smart buyer?

As a Verizon Wireless customer I've been contemplating my next phone purchase. Patience came a long way since I've been holding out on an upgrade since January. Now that VZW is ready to roll-out with the HTC Droid Incredible 4G and Samsung Galaxy S III, I feel that these two are definitely worthy for my upgrade.

Question is: Which one?

I know everyone will say get the Galaxy S III because of it's beautiful SAMOLED screen and higher end performance but I look at a phone for its aesthetics as well. I believe 4 inches of display is just enough and being that my Droid X barely fits on my hand I think I would struggle with the GSIII's 5.3 inches in phone length. Plus, I'd like my phone to fit in my jeans pocket without it sticking out.

There's also more to it too....Droid Incredible has an underclocked CPU which means better battery life, it's $50 cheaper (allegedly) and I wouldn't have to worry about storage since I'll be bringing my SD over. Everyone will be pre-ordering the upcoming Samsung phones too which means I'll have better dibs in stock (given also the announcement earlier about a delay in S4 SoC chip production) so I wouldn't fret too much about replacements.

So what do you guys think? Be a cheap bastard and get a smartphone that actually can be a phone or should I man up and drop $50 more for something that has a giant button staring at me like an eyeball?