As part of a new partnership with Major League Gaming, Turtle Beach has created the Tournament Mixer, or TM1, which provides a hardwired communication system for up to six players. Any wired gaming headset can be connected to the mixer, allowing competitive gaming teams or enthusiast players to create a private chat loop completely independent of software services, like Xbox Live's party system. The box offers a wide array of controls, including dedicated chat, microphone, and noise gate dials for each player. For larger LAN parties or teams, two TM1 mixers can be paired together for a total of 12 players on a single chat loop. The TM1 also supports audio output for recording or broadcast purposes.

The TM1 will accompany a pair of newly announced MLG branded gaming headsets—the Ear Force XP Seven and Ear Force Z Seven. Both are stereo headsets with external simulated surround sound processing units with support for eight unique user presets. Though pricing information has not been confirmed, the headsets, along with the TM1, will be available this fall.