Texas Instruments has a Windows RT prototype, too: just like rival Qualcomm, the chipmaker is showing off a dual-core reference tablet behind closed doors at its Computex 2012 booth. Unlike Qualcomm, unfortunately, the demo was completely hands-off, and we weren't allowed to take any video. That's probably for the best, though: OMAP product manager Bill Crean was kind enough to give us a quick demo, but it was immediately clear from glitches here and there that there's a lot of optimization yet to be done, and there were a number of features he didn't feel comfortable showing at all given the state of the current build.

Still, Crean told us that Texas Instruments is not only ready for Windows RT, but that the company should have devices ready for the operating system on day one. Both Toshiba's prototype Windows RT laptop and transforming tablet will become real products, he assured us, and both are powered by Texas Instruments silicon. "We expect that they'll be ready at launch," he said.

Update: TI's Bill Crean got in touch with us again shortly after the event, and explained the reason that the demo was locked down: apparently, the reference design had a single issue with touchscreen calibration that just barely didn't get fixed in time for the show.