Lighter alternative to the Speck cases?

I'm looking for a similar snap-on cover which weighs less.

Problem with the Speck is that my other 'everyday carry's - the Sony Z2 (which holds up fine without a cover - though it has entirely different, and arguably major cosmetic issues on the inside) weighs 1154g, the Samsung Series 9B - which has also stood up well despite what you might think is an easier-marked dark metal surface - weighs 1166g, and the 11-inch Air weighs 1269g with the Speck. (The case itself weighs 192g on my scale)

In terms of a performance/weight aspect, that makes the Air a bit of a boat anchor (and yes, we are talking relatives here). I don't think slightly thinner material overall in terms of the main case area would be a major issue since I'm not asking for any significant degree of impact resistance from the Speck since I don't throw the machines around, but just protection for the delicate anodising and some minor structural bolstering.

I like Invisibleshield as a concept, but it's a massive hassle, especially if (as has happened not infrequently) e.g. I need to take the Macs in and they decide to either replace a major part of the unit or replace - and also, what I find often is that the edges end up warping on the Air's and the decal skins/invisibleshields don't do a lot in that respect, though the skins offer excellent everyday abrasion resistance.

What I'm looking for is, like the Specks, something that renders parts of the Mac less likely to bend - but is maybe more svelte. What I really want and get out of the Specks - apart from general coverage - is front corner coverage, and those 'tangs' at the back corners which the case needs to engage which also makes it harder for the back of the lid to warp.

Any suggestions?