I've recommended Sony's NEX cameras to a lot of people over the last year or so. The NEX-7 is too expensive for most people, but the NEX-C3 and NEX-5N are relatively inexpensive cameras that offer big APS-C sensors, interchangeable lenses, and a lot of nifty features and functionality. To anyone looking for something better than an iPhone or a point-and-shoot but without the size or expenditure associated with a DSLR, the NEX cameras have been a perfect fit.

The NEX-F3 is the successor to last year's C3, and takes over the bottom spot in the NEX lineup. It's the same price as the C3 — $599.99 with an 18-55mm kit lens — but it offers some nice upgrades over last year's model: it records 1080p video, has a great tilting LCD that even lets you shoot self-portraits, and has upgraded internals that should make the 16-megapixel shooter faster and better than ever. Of course, the NEX-5N offers some additional features like a touchscreen and more video recording options, but it's also $100 more expensive. (There's also the excellent NEX-7, but it's playing in a whole different league.)

Competition is stiff and getting stiffer, though, as Olympus and Panasonic's lineups of Micro Four Thirds cameras continue to get better and cheaper. Sony's been our favorite "small camera, big sensor" choice for a while — does the NEX-F3 continue the trend? Let's find out.