Instragram: Don't Blame the Tool, Blame the Users

Today's post about how a group took a photo and added every filter to it (Verge Post and the Source) and the comments under it got me thinking.

I see a number of photogs hate on Instagram (I did as well, up until recently). And I can understand why. When I think 'Instagram,' I think about horribly composed photos with filters on top to make the photo look vintage (I'm not using the word hipster in correlation with Instagram).

That's because a good majority of the people who use Instagram are not photogs. They take a photo of whatever (in whatever way they want) and then throw a filter on it to 'make it better.' However, there are some who do take into account basic photography rules and do produce good photos. Sadly, this minority isn't as well known as the rest.

Now, I am of the stance that in the hands of a real photographer, any camera will produce decent to fantastic images. However, I do believe a Mark 5D III will produce better images than an iPhone 4s (no contest). On the flip side, someone who has zero knowledge of photography at all would take horrible photos with either a Nikon D800 or an iPhone.

I think too often we focus on the tools more than the photog. The tool will only do as much as the photographer who controls it. Instagram is a decent tool that can be used by photogs to produce good images.

That said, I do still give my friends crap whenever they use instagram. However, (and I would like to say this is somewhat in part due to me), they are all taking more time with the framing and composing of their photos. Not all the time, but at least some of the time. And that, at least, is a start.