New Galaxy S III owners may be disappointed to find out that the phone's microUSB port requires a specific Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) HDMI adapter because of rearrangement of its pins, according to a video unboxing by Clove. The HDTV Adapter plugs into the phone's microUSB port and provides a standard HDMI port for connecting you HDTV, though you'll have to connect a USB cable for power as well. MHL is an industry standard that has a consortium of people and companies backing it, not to mention being currently implemented in a fair number of phones.

It's likely that Samsung is actually using MHL compatible circuitry, but the company may have changed the pinout to accommodate new accessories or improve some subtle design aspect. Of course, there is also the possibility that Samsung just wants to make more money, but we'd like to extend the benefit of the doubt. Curiously, the speaker in the video below mentions that the adapter only functions on 1080p HDTVs, and while this would be a substantial restriction, we weren't able to confirm this limitation. If you need to attach your Galaxy S III to the big screen, you can purchase Samsung's specific adapter for around $30.