Computer scientists at the University of Virginia have developed a way to track household items and help you find lost objects like your phone, keys, wallet, and the infamous remote. Shahriar Nirjon and John Stankovic worked together to create the system which uses two algorithms programmed with the Microsoft Kinect sensor to determine where objects are. The system works by tracking human movement and detecting items that are interacted with. Kinsight also has "context oriented object recognition," meaning that it can determine where objects are likely to be and can tell similarly-shaped objects apart. What about objects that get buried in the couch, left in a pocket, or buried underneath something else? The Kinsight can tell you the last place the object was seen to aid your search. Currently, different objects need to be manually programmed to be searchable, but New Scientist reports that developers intend to make a smartphone app for this function. The program still runs into issues with small, distant, grouped, or transparent objects, so we'll likely be asking "where did I leave it?" for a while to come.