We just got word from Growl developer Christopher Forsythe that the popular Mac notifications app has been updated to 1.4. While it's a pretty small set of tweaks that doesn't change how the overall app functions, they all make setting up new notifications and tweaking apps easier. The biggest change is a fully redesigned app section, which hasn't changed significantly since the pre-Mac App Store days and was sorely in need of a refresh. There's been some other shuffling within the preferences menu as well, with the Rollup settings moved around, and new sliders and tab tweaks throughout. We're seeing the update in the Mac App Store, and it's a free update for existing users.

The changelog also notes:

• New Applications Tab Design! Redesigned from the ground up, it is now much more user friendly

• Layout tweaks throughout the preferences UI

• GNTP Subscription, available in the Networking Tab of the Preferences

• Bug fixes throughout, with emphasis on Networking fixes

• Support for URL target in GNTP, Applescript, and GrowlNotify