Windows 8 - 15$ Upgrade


I just bought a new PC which has windows 7 Home premium installed.

I saw Microsoft posting something about a 15 $ upgrade to windows 8 if you have bought windows 7 within 02 June 2012 - January 2013 (something)

But I feel I'm in a greyzone here...

I ordered the computer with Windows 7 31 May 2012
I payed and activated windows 7 04 June 2012
It seems you are only elgible if you order the product after 02 june. Can anyone confirm this? (Please refer to a source) or give me some information to whom I can contact from microsoft support?

I've asked Microsoft support and Actually they can't say for sure if I'm elgible for this offer (Funny, yes - The MS rep. didn't know about this offer before I told him)
- This is the norwegan MS support, so ... Well they might not be as up to date as everyone else.
(I have confirmed that this offer is also for Norwegan costumers)

Thanks for any help!

By the way - Will you be upgrading to win8?