Anyone familiar with the OG Android HTC G1?

I have always had my eye on the G1 for some reason, I like the design (sans a few issues) and generally think its a clean and useful device.

I recently snagged one off ebay new for ~100usd which im pretty happy about. If nothing else, I figure its a neat collectors item at this point. In fact, im thinking of continuing the cell phone collection by picking up just-out-dated hardware for cheap.

My intentions for this device are:

  • Backup phone if my main 4s breaks/stolen/lost/etc.. (tmobile no-contract ftw)
  • Remote for HTPC (Touchscreen/Keyboard/Trackball is a great recipe)
  • Toy to mess around with android basics and maybe mods
  • Spare device for email/browsing/etc
Things I am finding out the hard way is that most apps in the marketplace wont run on 1.6 (latest software for this) and its not the snappiest phone(coming from a 4S doesn't help). So what do you think? Any advice as to where I should look for more information around mods? Available apps? Other ideas for using it? Any recommendations for using it as a HTPC remote?