Some issues regarding "new iPad" I face......

I brought iPad 3 about a month ago and used iPod touch 4g before.So iOS isn't something new for me.

One reason for bringing new iPad instead of iPad 2 (last year , i expected iPad retina display but they didn't) is for photos especially we have lot of collection like 15 GB of them

and display is stunning.

I have come across some things on iPad , wish anyone who have iPad would help me/clarify things :

As far as iPad 3 review was concerned , Josh said iPad is very fast and good.

1.Lockscreen has a picture symbol (picture frame) , when i press it , it takes 3-4 seconds to launch and its not smooth , the button glows for 3-4 seconds as if it was "frozen" , after that everything is fine and goes to displaying pictures.

In settings also when i press picture Frame option also , it takes 4-5 seconds to show options in picture frame.

2.In photos app , when i start slideshow with "Origami" , they show very low resolution pictures but normally those pictures "individually" have very clear quality and high resolution (most of the recent ones taken from 10 MP or 14 MP) , i know itunes compresses them but origami really compresses photos very much that they all look fuzzy during slideshow in photos app.

3.Charging takes lot of time (not an issue) but is it OK to leave it at night keeping it plugged ? i know its silly but according to apple , they said that battery indicator on iPad/iPhones is kept purposefully wrong that it shows 100% indicator for 90% battery capacity , i am not sure if it is OK to leave it charged real 100% every night (i mean battery 100% but not indicator 100%) , because it keeps plugged for like 7-8 hours continuosly at night.

4.It gets hot when doing heavy games.But i never really faced it much , only when it is very intensive tasks but it is a known issue.Again , this is not a serious issue i faced but just saying.

5.App sizes are too big than iPod Touch , idk if it is because of retina display or something but some apps are ridiculously taking so much space than on my cousin's iPad 2 too after installation but idk if he updated his apps recently , but i did see lot of size difference when comparing them , anyway i brought 64GB one so i am little safe.