LiveID/Microsoft Account problem

Well, I guess you guys might know an answer to this because I can't seem to find one.

I've got a problem. I first opened my LiveID/Microsoft Account years ago and rarely if ever used it except for Technet and MSDN. At the time, I was with an ISP in the UK called UKOnline. These guys were great. They were small, local, they had a mixed desk setup so that the sysadmins were talking directly to support staff, they were reliable and best of all, once they knew you, they didn't bother to give you the whole "turn it off and on again" routine if you clearly knew what you were doing, which I probably should after 18 years as a developer, admin and now architect.

So basically, they were the opposite of AOL. They were great. I had an account with them for 15 years.

EasyNET bought them but didn't interfere - they stayed UKOnline and they stayed exactly how they were - a small company dealing with people who knew them and were prepared to pay the premium for their (excellent) service. Then Sky bought EasyNET and shut down UKOnline. Completely.

So my address, which I gave as the security address for my LiveID, is dead. I now use Hotmail (on the grounds they're unlikely to vanish anytime soon) but Microsoft insist on sending confirmations to UKOnline, who don't exist anymore.

I need to change the Security Address on my Live Account so I can "trust" my main work PC in Win8. But I can't, because I can't confirm the mail sent to my security address.

It's a bugger.

Any ideas, Tribe?