How would you change Apple's market strategy?

It turns out everyone (Verge, Engadget) hates on Apple and wants them de-throned in both phones and tablets. But there still seems a massive departure from what is said here to public sales in the shops. Inevitably other manufacturers are now making phones and tablets to the same standard and are quickly gaining market share.

From the outset Apple have always said they're not after the whole market and will not be pressured by markets or by fans to change hardware revision schedules or software version cycles.

Considering this immensely competitive mobile tech industry, are Apple doing the best they can? Is it possible for any company to dominate a market and not let any company in, even the slightest bit, for the foreseeable future?

It seems Apple are still sticking to their core values. However is there anything you would differently?

-Would you go for "mini" versions of the iPhone and iPad (i.e.. 7" tablet market)

-Would you make an AppleTV

-Would rapidly change the UI of iOS6 just because "people always like new stuff"

-Would you go after markets that Apple have left out even though that might mean compromising the quality of that product i.e. cheaper markets

-Or do you think Apple are still playing it well - accepting that the other tech makers are mopping up customers that Apple chose not to go after. Do you think the current market is what Apple expected and this is still playing into their strategy?

-Are Apple "still one step ahead"?

Your views --> greatly appreciated