Poly-TAY - Sunday Open Thread (1/7) (archived)

I thought this could be set up to help organise things a little more, with the current weekend thread getting a little bit messy. If people find it unnecessary to do so, I can just delete it, so let me know.

I've also altered the title too, and if people find that unnecessary...deal with it!

So I should probably kick-off (Euro Final!!!) with a question/topic to help get the ball rolling, so here;

Which genre's do you find to be consistent in quality, and which do you find to be often problematic with a lot of developers getting it wrong?

For me, I'd say I rarely, rarely play a bad Strategy JRPG. Some are excellent, but something about the base mechanics mean that even a simple system can be enjoyable for the most part.

For a more problematic genre, I'd say maybe MMO's. Not so much that they are often bad (like a lot of 2D platformers can be), but it seems to be quite difficult to make one that's more that average.

I won't go too deep with the reasons and stuff, but I guess we can get into that a little below. And anything else that will pop-up!