Recommend a Windows 7 App Store?

I've been a Windows user from 3.1 to 8 and a Mac user from 10.4 to 10.7. I've recently been spoiled with the Mac App Store for my desktop apps, and I've been trying to find something similar for Windows 7. Here's what I'm looking for without upgrading this laptop to Windows 8:

1) An app or a web page that only shows me Windows 7 compatible apps - I don't want to have to scroll through pages and pages of apps with a billion flash ads on each page, and I'd like the apps to be fairly recent to take advantage of Windows 7 features (e.g. jump lists, UI support, etc.) without running them in compatibility mode

2) Easy installation - Click the apps, see a description, download and install

3) Quality apps - while has a billion windows applications, it doesn't fit criteria 1 & 2 (IMO), and I've downloaded and uninstalled applications from there because some seemed a bit shady or didn't work as described

4) It would be nice but is not necessary if I could also purchase apps in that store - I like the practice of giving out my credit card information to as few people as possible, but it's not an absolute requirement

I just came across allmyapps app manager at . Does anyone use this, or can you recommend a better alternative? Thanks for your input and happy computing!