On the verge of trading in my iPad (3) for Nexus 7

So I bought a new iPad 3 last week and I am considering returning it and preordering a nexus 7.

I had the original iPad for a year and sold it a few months ago in anticipation of getting the new iPad this summer. I mostly wanted the new iPad for the new display which makes text more crisp than the iPad 1. I love the new iPad and reading on it is a lot more enjoyable than the old iPad.

BUT here comes Google with their Nexus 7 and it's starting to make me doubt if I really need to have a big display. See the iPad is great but it's heavy ( Especially compared to my kindle touch ereader). Also I am not sure if I really need this huge screen real estate since I am not traveling a lot and don't really use my iPad at work so it's not like I need to create a lot of content on my iPad.

So I mostly use my iPad to consume content and it's hard to do some of this stuff since you can't just hold your iPad up wth one hand reading articles saved in Pocket, unless you really like to be super uncomfortable. So the nexus looks like an ideal device for me but I'm worried that some of the apps are not as good on Android as on my iPad so I will list some of these apps and hopefully you can give me some alternatives

So this is what I mostly use my iPad for:

- Reeder

- Tweetbot

- YouTube (not a problem)

- Netflix (not a problem)

- Pocket (not a problem)

- Mail/gmail (not a problem)

- Pandora (not a problem)

- Paper

- Flipboard (not a problem)

- Chrome (not a problem)

one thing I want to note with the iPad is that videos always have black bars on top/bottom so it's not like I am losing too much viewing area compared to the Nexus. So the only thing I will really miss is the screen size would be smaller than the iPad for reading.

So is the switch worth it? Can I replace some of these apps? Will the Nexus differentiate enough from my iPhone which I think is too small for a couch surfer?

Sidenote: this will be my first Android device if I do switch. I am waiting for the fall to see if I want to go with the new iPhone or the new Nexus device. I know iOS 6 has been disappointing for some people but I don't think people realize that Apple has a few surprises up their sleeve for the new iPhone and iOS 6.