Key Lime Pie Predictions

I've been using Jellybean since it leaked on wednesday and I am madly in love with it. It fixes everything that was broken about android:

1) The design is refined and consistent, even moreso than ICS

2) The PDK is about as far as google can/should go towards ensuring timely updates.

3) All of the lag is gone. All of it. Its wonderful.

4) battery life is rock solid, there's not much more they can with software.

5) Between the new SDK and nexus 7, we should see more tablet apps, all of Google's apps are tablet ready, so its largely out of their hands.

Key Lime pie is probably going to be 5.0, so what kind of craziness is Google going to add to the platform? They're out of "finally" features, so what "whoa" features are we going to see?