This is my next Android Portrait Qwerty device (If Sony would make it)

Currently Android devices with a portrait QWERTY leave more than a little to be desired. The new Samsung Galaxy Chat is a prefect example of what most portrait QWERTY devices are like, low end cheap devices that most Verge readers wouldn't touch with a barge poll.

This lead me to do a quick mock up of a portrait device that I would want to use. It took it's inspiration from the Sony Ericsson P1i, which was my first smartphone. I still switch it on from time to time just to play with as I am a huge fan of it and its keyboard.

So here it is:


I have based the design very much on the P1i rather than just creating a completely new design. The silver part of the body would be made from aluminium while the battery cover would be made from soft touch black plastic and the front from Gorilla Glass, which covers a 16:9 3.7inch screen*. The battery cover would be removable allowing access to the battery, sim card slot and micro SD slot.

On the right side of the body there is a volume rocker while on the left side there are the power and camera buttons, the scroll wheel from the P1i has sadly been dropped. On the bottom there is a micro-USB port, headphone port and stereo speakers.


The keyboard layout is taken directly from the P1i so a few changes could be made if Sony wish to start making it. One change to the keyboard though is rather than everything being lit up on the keyboard all the time the ALT options only light up when ALT is pressed.

I haven't gone in to any further detail in the design so have no idea how feasible it would be to make but I did try and avoid making it to unrealistic hence the fairly generous border round the screen. The total dimensions for the phone are 116x54x8mm.


Let me know what you think anyway. I know many of you may not be as much as a fan of that keyboard as I am.

*I originally mocked this up over 6months ago and would go for a 4inch screen now instead of a 3.7inch screen.