The number of Android manufacturers who don't license patents from Microsoft is rapidly dwindling and could dwindle faster still as Redmond begins targeting smaller companies. The latest companies to join the the likes of LG, Samsung, HTC, Acer and others are Aluratek and Coby. Both make primarily low-end Android tablets, so we suppose that the extra cost of paying royalties to Microsoft could be more likely to affect their retail prices. No word on what the exact royalties will be, of course, but there is word from Microsoft that it's quite pleased with its ability to bring more companies into the licensing fold. As Microsoft's corporate vice president and deputy general counsel for the Intellectual Property Group put it, "This agreement confirms once again that the best way to resolve IP issues such as those surrounding Android and Chrome is through a reasonable licensing arrangement."

When it secured a deal with LG back in January, Microsoft touted that 70 percent of Android phones in the US were covered under licensing agreements. Now that it's targeting players like Aluratek and Coby, you can may start seeing the number for Android devices worldwide to approach similar levels in short order.