The Windows Marketplace :(

You know what I want to see?

An improved Marketplace!

We are living in the "Post PC" era. A lot of people have a wide variety of definitions and personal opinions when it comes to the term Post PC

What is Post PC to me?

Well I mentioned this before if you care to agree or disagree its up to you.

The Old PC to me is a white computer tower, with components inside, hooked up to a monitor and other devices.

The Post PC to me is a virtual computer which delivers the same experience on different screens.

So basically... Its a cloud service (Skydrive) delivering software, settings, files etc to your

  • Mobile device such a phone, tablet, laptop etc
  • Work and Play PC
  • To your living room TV

Its a virtual computer that delivers the same consistent experience throughout the ecosystem.

So let me get to the point

Old PC you have Add & Remove programs shows you all the programs and games you have installed in your PC

Post PC I want a Marketplace which allows me to see all the applications and games I purchased and installed on my Windows Phone, Windows 8 PC/RT and Xbox. I want to be able to manage all of that from a single location.

I would love to see Microsoft unify the marketplace like a new school Add & Remove programs which makes it easier for everybody :)