Music app Songza recently hit one million downloads on iOS and is today launching its trademark Music Concierge recommendations feature on Android as part of a wholly redesigned app for Android 4.0 devices. Music Concierge, which first hit the web and iOS back in March, creates playlists based on the current time of day, day of the week, and resultingly what mood you might be in. For example, if you open the app on a Friday night, the app provides both a "winding down after a long week" playlist as well as a "pregaming with friends playlist." The app is designed for Android 4.0, but will also work on older devices, the company said.

The playlists in Songza are hand-created by "music experts" and in our tests are actually pretty great. Of course, you can still manually pick some of the service's playlists if you'd like, and it's all ad-free. Because Songza isn't attempting to take Pandora and other music recommendation platforms head on, it's carved out a little niche where it provides relevant songs based on situations, and not based on an artist or track you pick.